Push Notifications, Live Tiles and new Achievements!

You heard it – we’re bringing back fully working live tiles with community shots and blog posts and adding push notifications (yes, in real time – well, almost) from SCS Software’s blog which keeps you notified when new blog posts are arriving. Without any further ado, let’s take a quick shot to the new live tiles:


New Achievements

SCS Software published a bunch of new achievements to World of Trucks this week, and guess what, they are available on World of Trucks Central, too, without updating the app itself. Head over to your personal profile and take a look at the new achievements:

Bunch of new achievements added to World of Trucks

Oh and did you noticed that those screenshots were captured on a Windows 10 Mobile device? World of Trucks Central will be arriving to Windows 10 Mobile in the next update, but we will cover this with more detail in our next post. Please keep in mind those screenshot were captured in a quite old version, therefore subject to change. Till next time!

Push Notifications, Live Tiles and new Achievements!
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